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At the Extra Mile our goal is to help our customers enjoy a lifetime of injury free running. This all starts with insuring our customers are fitted into the proper footwear. The way an athletes’ foot strikes the ground and moves through the running motion has a significant effect on how the entire body reacts during athletic activity. Proper alignment of the knees, hips, and back all starts with your foot plant.

The professionally trained staff at the Extra Mile utilizes a three step fit process to help our customers choose the right shoe for their own individual needs. 

The first and most important step is a brief conversation with our customers to discuss: Their past, present, and future fitness activities, previous footwear successes and failures, general preferences for athletic footwear and apparel, and any past or present aches, pains, and/or injuries. 

The second step is a visual analysis the customer’s feet to assess the individual characteristics such as size, shape, width, heel depth, arch height and length, etc. With nearly 100 shoes to choose from this step allows our staff to help you narrow down the selection to a few options that might work best for you.

The final step is to utilize our high speed video gait analysis system to record the customer while running or walking. Once recorded, the Extra Mile staff, along with the customer, examines the footage in super slow motion, frame by frame, to insure the footwear selected meets the athlete’s individual needs for a proper foot strike and gait.


The Extra Mile is the only running store in the area that uses this advanced video gait technology in the fit process. 

Running is an activity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Let us help you get off on the right foot.

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