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Snowy Run? Here are some items we're gLOVE-ing!

NWI just had it's first official snowfall to kick off the holiday season! Brrrrrr! Good news though, we just gLOVE running in the cold weather! Extra Mile Fitness has stocked up on our favorite running gloves & we're here to share why we love them!

Let's start at the top and go clockwise:

  1. Oiselle Firecracker Gloves | Best for brisk days, has a strap to clip your lights on when it's dark, touch screen compatible, and they're REFLECTIVE!

  2. Brooks LSD Thermal Glove | Best for those days when you can't decide how cold it is! Do I wear a mitten or a glove? Why not BOTH? These "gloves" are convertible! Warm but lightweight, pullover windproof AND water-resistant mitt!

  3. Saucony Reheat Mitt | Best for super cold weather! Soft fleece interior and outer woven shell to keep your digits protected from the wind.

  4. Brooks Carbonite Glove | Best for running in the dark .Patented DriLayer Fabric and SUPER bright 3M Carbon Black Reflectivty.

  5. Brooks Greenlight Glove | Best for stashing your car key or nutrition. Midweight gloves, touch screen compatible and has a SECRET storage pocket in the palm!

Come in and check out all winter running accessories at EXMI! We are OPEN!

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