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Post-Run Stretches

Post run stretching can help alleviate IT Band soreness and lower back pain after running and will also help with flexibility. Here are some post-run stretches and an instructional video featuring our fabulous Coach Becky! (R/L - Right/Left)

- Chest opener - to stretch out my shoulders and open up chest.

- R/L crossover forward fold - outer hamstrings, also known as abductors, which also provides relief to the IT band.  You should feel it more in your outer hamstrings/outside of the thighs between the knees and hips

- R/L standing quad stretch - Running and biking, as well as daily activities, can result in tight quadricep muscles.

- R/L Hip Flexor stretch - Your hip flexors are a group of muscles near the top of your thighs that are key players in moving your lower body. They let you to walk, kick, bend, and swivel your hips.

- R/L Figure 4 Stretch - Figure 4 stretch can improve flexibility and mobility in your hips, glutes, and piriformis—a small muscle that can become inflamed when your hips are tight. The figure 4 stretch can help keep your hips and glutes healthy and mobile.

- R/L Lumbar Twist - Helps with rotational motion in the lumbar spine.

- R/L 90-90 - Targets the gluteus medius, piriformis and gluteus maximus

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