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Oiselle Volée Bird Camp 2022

WOW! Last weekend coaches Chrys Lawson, Molly Moon, and I had the opprortunity to attend Oiselle Volée Bird Camp in Equinunk, Pennsylvania. We planned this trip as a group and had such an amazing time! We participated in a wide variety of activities from supported runs, yoga, trail running sessions, climbing, a podcast recording, Bird Camp Olympics, a fashion show, and an EPIC end of camp party. We'd each like to take a moment to share our experiences! We hope they will inspire you and your running journey!


From Coach Meg:

Just wow! WOW! The Oiselle Volée Bird Camp experience did not disappoint! Upon entering the camp you could feel everyone's excitement and energy. Female runner's from around thr world all gathering in one camp is absolutely magical! We had so many opportunities to run, attend educational sessions, take fitness classes, and to celebrate running as a community of strong women.

Chrys, Molly, and I were lucky to be placed in a cabin together and share the experience with 7 other amazing women. Over the weekend we laughed (a lot), ran as much or as little as we wanted, ate AMAZING food, and celebrated one another every day.

I'll be the first to admit I've been in a running slump lately, but Bird Camp really renewed my love of running. The spirit of the camp truly inspired me to set, chase, and conquer my dreams. I CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK!


From Coach Chrys:

To sum up Oiselle Volée Bird Camp in 3 words: friends (old & new!), fun, & food! Camp IHC is a beautiful setting in Equinunk, PA for a diverse group of like-minded women to come together for 4 days of running & health-focused activities. I enjoyed yoga, kayaking, and trail & road running (well, enjoyed is stretching it a bit for the toughest hill I have ever ran up - 3/4 mile at an average grade of 8.5%!). The fashion show (way to rock that runway, Molly!), group olympics competition, & the pool party were a blast! Kara Goucher, Lauren Fleshman, Jenna Fesemyer, & Rebecca Mehra inspired us throughout Camp activities. Overall, it was such a positive experience that I can't wait to return with my fellow teammates next year!


From Coach Molly:

I had the opportunity to go to a woman’s running camp last weekend called Birdcamp. It was an amazing long weekend with running, yoga, water sports, and sisterhood. You may have seen Oiselle carried in the Extra Mile. This camp was for members of the Oiselle Volée, a running club for Oiselle with a focus on woman’s rights, racial justice, and sisterhood. Events were kicked off by World Champion runner Lauren Fleshman singing our camp song. There were many opportunities to run, on Saturday I choose to run a trail 5k lead by reps from Salomon running. They were there to share some trail running tips and let us try out some of their shoes. On Sunday I joined the long run which included a hill that put turtle hill to shame. It made Liberty look flat this week!! On Saturday evening we were able to listen to Olympian Kara Goucher and her story of finding the joy of running again after discovering her love of Ultra Marathons. We also learned of an exciting program called Bras for Girls that provides free sports bras to disadvantaged young women in track and cross country programs. On Sunday, we were able to learn about Lauren Fleshman’s upcoming book Good For a Girl. I’m looking forward to reading this one! The best part of the weekend for me was the open discussions with other women during meal times and free time. I was able to bond with some amazing women and definitely walked away with a lot of new friends.

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