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Gait Analysis with Dr. Clark Bilbrey | Did you miss it? This is your second chance!

Dr. Clark Bilbrey visited the Extra Mile Fitness Company on 10.31.20 to perform FREE mini-gait analyses for our local runners. Did YOU miss it? Good news, he'll be gracing us with his presence again on 11.28.20! (Lucky us!)

Check out this gait analysis action!

WAIT: What is a gait analysis?

A brief gait assessment (related to performance not current injury or injury risk) and the treadmill. He'll use an ipad/tripod set up to get a couple of angles for slow motion playback. Dr. Bilbrey can identify things for the clients such as:

  • Footstrike angle/type

  • Quality of pronation throughout stance

  • Vertical displacement of center of mass

  • Hip drive

  • Arm swing/ carriage

  • Cadence

  • Joint alignment

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Dr. Clark Bilbrey PT, DPT, ATC is a dual-certified doctor of physical therapy and athletic trainer practicing at the Lakeshore Bone and Joint Sports Enhancement Center in Portage where he specializes in the evaluation and treatment of runners through running gait analysis. Running gait video analysis utilizes slow motion video capture to analyze the function and efficiency of the whole body during critical phases of the running cycle. Based on these findings, each runner can be assigned drills and exercises specific to their particular gait style, maximizing their rehabilitation and/or performance potential.

*** Facial masks and social distancing are required.

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