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We have several local running groups that throughout the week and on the weekend. If you are interested in connecting with other local runners, please check out each group's contact or Facebook page.


Extra Mile Fitness (6:00 pm) - distances vary


Chesterton Group (6:00 pm) - distances vary  

  • Contact Tom Little (219) 405-5528

  • Meet at the Prairie Duneland Bike Trail off Jackson Blvd. The last Tuesday of the month we run out of Running Vines at 6pm

Sunset Hill Run Club (8:00 am) - distances vary on trail


Sunset Hill Group (8:00 am) - distances vary on trail

  • Contact Dan Sturgell

  • Sunset Hill Farm is located at: 775 Meridian, Valparaiso

Saturday and Sunday:

Weekend Funday Group - distance, surface and location varies.

  • Check out the Facebook Group Page here

  • Contact Tom Little (219) 405-5528

Sunset Hill Run Club - distances and location varies. Contact Dan Sturgell or the Facebook Page

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