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5k Training

Extra Mile Fitness Company has created a special 5k training program to share with everyone in our community during this unprecedented time. We want to encourage everyone not only to keep moving, but also start a new journey! Please enjoy the below week-by-week training progam created by our EXMI Coaching Staff!

We hope this program will bring you miles of smiles and we look forward to running with you soon!

Week 1 Training Plan

Let's get started! We're exctied you are here! Click button to the right to download this week's training plan!

Week 2 Training Plan

You made it through week 1! Let's keep those feet moving with week 2!

Week 3 Training Plan

You are on a ROLL! Week 3 coming at you!

Week 4 Training Plan

Look how far you've come! Week 4! Remember why you started, and let's keep moving!

The Complete 5k Training Plan

If you prefer to download the full four week 5k training plan, you can find it here!

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